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With more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of bolts/nuts; we provide our customers with a wide range of products for various industries with our specialized staff.

Bolts Nuts Washers

Production Area
Production Capacity

Quality Fasteners From Meridian Group

As being one of the 4 different facilities located in Adana – Turkey 

Fasteners Factory serves its customers in 30.000 m2 building complexed spanned on 120.000m2 area.

Our Facilities

Along with raw material preparation units, cold and hot manufacturing benches, automatic heat treatment ovens, galvanization facility and full-scale Test and Control Laboratories 

Our Factory is one of the most important integrated investments in the region with 24.000 tons of annual production capacity.

Our Quality Management Systems Certificates

OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate. Our initial condition is that our employees safely fulfil their manufacturing duties and responsibilities in a risk-free environment.

For this purpose, the necessary actions are taken and the activities are managed.

ISO EN 14000 – Environmental Management System Certificate – The possible effects of the ongoing manufacturing activities to Nature and Environment are under control and necessary precautions are taken.

Audits and regulations are being performed to comply with the relevant regulations.

ISO EN 9000 – Quality Management System Certificate – Correct interpretation and fulfilment of customer needs is an integral part of our business. Our Quality Management activities are carried out in a persistent and meticulous manner to ensure customer satisfaction as a result of the conscious and aware contributions of all our employees.

ISO / TS 16949 – Automotive Quality Management System Certificate – Automotive Supply Chain; with its own rules and concepts; “Quality+Cost+Time” conditions are uncompromisingly prioritized.

EN 14399-1 – High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading.

EN 15048-1 – Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies

Our bolts used in constructions such as the Steel Construction Buildings and Steel Bridges that must be safe for human life are undergoing rigorous and sustainable manufacturing and control stages. The products we provide to our customers are a significant expression of the confidence and loyalty we receive.

Hard Geographies

Our special bolt sets, which have been proven to be used safely under extreme climate conditions from South America to Canada and in different geographies.

With its meticulousness and services shown in the productions and laboratory tests, our company keeps its position as “a firm that is sought and trusted with its quality”.

Infrastructure and Industrial Sectors

Our Bolts Factory Supplies Highway Barriers, Heavy Constructions, GSM Towers, Power Transmission Facilities and Accessories, Heavy Duty Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing Industry with products that have various specifications and sizes. 

Raw Material

Coil – Bar(wirerod coils and round bars) raw materials used in bolt production are supplied from European and Domestic Steel producers proven by their quality in production.

Manufacturing Range and Product Control

Our bolts produced in accordance with International Standards and Customer Specifications cover a range from softest 4.6 to most resistant 12.9 quality grades. From M6 to M52 Diameter, starting from 16 mm shortness up to 500 mm length, our bolts are produced in cold and hot manufacturing.

In addition, when requested specifically; we meet customer requirements for Bolts and Fasteners up to 6m length using Warm and Hot Forging methods.

In our factory which serves a wide range of customer from different sectoral profiles;

– 24 Automatic Hot and Cold Forging Machines

– 30 Secondary Treatment Benches

– Our own jig and casting mould workshop

– Our computer controlled special ovens capable of heat treatment of 2000 kg/hour

– Our Phosphate and Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating facilities, Laser Controls, our Zero Error Device which uses Camera and Eddy methods to determine the fine tolerances by 100% checking

– All Tests and Controls required under the Mechanical, Metallurgical and Conditions of Use of the bolts in accordance with the relevant standards

Are carried out in our fully-fledged laboratory by Metallurgy Engineers and Laboratory Technicians.

There is a separate production line for TS 16949 Automotive Products.

Following the first sample control and approval process, our serial production processes are monitored and production is secured by application of statistical process control (SPC) integrated with the computer network.

Variations that can occur in the manufacturing process are monitored, kept under control and production errors that can occur can be determined and prevented in advance.

As required by the SPC system, in the required Software and Hardware package; special digital jigs developed for this purpose are used in conjunction with a comprehensive and professional statistical software package with proven reliability by European manufacturers in similar sectors.

Critical product applications are 100% controlled with state-of-the-art devices and are shipped to our customers in accordance with the “0” error principle.


Our products are controlled, monitored and recorded in all processes from raw material entry to customer shipment.