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Meridian Group offers a wide range of racking and shelving systems products to meet your needs. These ensure that your our racking systems will be installed in an optimized way. As a result, your total cost of ownership will be kept low

Warehouse Racking Systems

Shelving Systems Product Range

Heavy Duty Racking Systems

Semi-Rack / Medium Duty Racking Systems

Mini-Rack Systems

Light Duty Shelf Systems

round gondola shelving system

Retail Shelf Systems

Bakery Shelves

Store Display Equipments

Some sectors that we serve;

Supermarket & Grocery Store Shelving Solutions

meridian shelves

Filling Station Shelves


Bakery Racks

bakery shelves

Fruit & Vegetable Racks


Shoe Store Shelves


Electronics and Technology Appliance Racking Systems


Stationery & Toys Shelving Systems


Cosmetic & Beauty Shelves


Textile / Clothing Store Shelving


we are ready to become your solution partner

Goods of all sizes and weights can be safely stored with our innovative racking system.We offer free cost estimating and dimensioning service to provide best solutions for your shelf and complete design demands. Our specialist teams are ready to provide all your demands in product and material selection by visiting you 24/7. After cost estimation, our team will design your places on the electronic environment three dimensionally according to your usage area. Thus, you can control all areas in your store before starting installation and reach the best result in product and material selection

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