Mini Dinning Table and Stools Set - Oak Color

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Product No: MKIT-0017

Product features

The 2-stool kitchen table, which saves a lot of space for narrow living spaces and kitchens, adds a different atmosphere to the kitchens with its versatile usage features and stylish appearance. In addition to the table function, the kitchen table, which is ideal for organizing items and different products with its shelf and bottle compartments, provides a practical and easy use thanks to its foldable stools.

Color option
Oak Color

Product size
Width: 110 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Height: 75 cm

Our products are delivered disassembled in a special cargo package.
Installation plan and installation materials required for installation are in packages. The installation belongs to the customer.
You can easily install with simple hand tools.
It has the ability to be disassembled and installed repeatedly.
For fast and error-free installation, part numbers are included on the part, which comply with the installation diagram.

Delivery information
When the product is delivered from the cargo, the packages must be checked, the damaged package or products should not be taken and you should ask the cargo official for assistance in preparing a damage report.
Damage detection products can be exchanged or returned free of charge.

Mini Dinning Table and Stools Set - Oak Color

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