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plastic pallets

Meridian Group is a manufacturer of plastic pallet products. We are delivering plastic pallets all around the world. Our production facility is built on 15000 square meters area.

The usage of plastic pallets is increasing day by day. Therefore, previous years, companies prefer to use wooden pallets. However, in recent years, the use of plastic pallets has been considerably increased and more preferred.

What are the reasons of increasing of usage of plastic pallets?

There are many reasons of companies prefer to use plastic pallet rather than wooden pallet.  Some of them are listed below;

· Plastic pallet has more duration of life than wooden pallet.

. They are lighter comparing with wooden ones. Also, they are nestable and stackable. So, companies can decrease their shipping cost

· Our goods can be produced in different size and carrying capacity according to the usage area. 

. Pallet products have a rapid production. In addition to, all products are same each other.

· Easy to sterilize and clean. · Plastic pallets can be used in almost all areas, especially in the food sector. 

What are the kinds of plastic pallets?

Ideally, this plastic pallet classification is based on physical characteristics and their usage area.

There is list of the most popular types of plastic pallets:

rackable plastic pallets with steel

Stackable Plastic Pallet

Stackable pallets are widely used in close loop system. So, companies prefer to use them in their warehouse. Their design enables to user to stack them on top of another pallet without slipping.

stackable plastic pallets with rims

Rackable Plastic Pallet

Users use rackable pallets for heavy loads which have to be stay on the racksuse. It carries heavy loads so, they have a solid structure. In order to, these kinds of pallets are sometimes including steel rods. In order to, steel reinforced plastic pallets carry heavy loads safely.

nestable pallet with open deck

Nestable Plastic Pallet

Nestable pallets are ideal for lightweight loads. they are the space saving pallets. Companies use these pallets for one way solution. Export/Nestable pallets are economical pallets. Users can save valuable floor space in the warehouse and transportation. As a result, our client can decrease their freight cost.

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