Waste container is there to keep garbage in one place. Meridian Group offers wide range of ergonomic waste bin. Depending on the size and type of your business, you’ll need a specific bin and equipment to handle your recycling and commercial waste disposal. Our waste bins capacity starts from 7 liter up to 1100 liter.

In higher capacity waste bin, you don’t need any truck or equipment. Our waste containers have wheels so, they are easy to maneuver. Our mobile two and four wheel waste containers are manufactured from high density polyethylene (PE-HD). We produce them by using compact injection moulding, according to EN 840. We manufacture all wheeled bins from high-grade materials.

Why waste container is so important?

  • One of the reasons is security because you can see stray dogs or cats scavenging around a torn garbage bag. As a result, containers prevent any animals from your disposal.
  • Waste containers today have an important role in keeping a neighborhood environmentally friendly. They show where trash used to be disposed of.
  • Hygiene is another reason. So, community becomes cleaner and better organized, and its every aspect used to its full potential.
  • Recycling is very importantas waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. waste containers for various purposes, mostly color-coded, hence separating waste at the beginning of the recycling circle.


What are options of waste bin?

They have multiple color option. You can order waste bin according to match your needs. Waste container color is an important option because each kind of waste needs its own container. Also, we have two type products. One of them is pedal model, other one is wheel model. Our waste containers deal for all applications, e.g. Industry, catering, medical waste, recycling projects, gardening, etc.

If you have any waste container need, we are ready to match your needs.

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