Nestable plastic pallet is used for multiple purpose. Nestable pallet’s major advantageous is space-saving function. So, this kind of plastic pallet is the best option for storage solutions along with durability and safety. The unique design allows you to stack more pallets at a safe height. In order to, you can maintain structural integrity of the goods. By compacting your pallet stacks, you can save valuable floor space and leave more room for business.

Companies commonly use nestable pallets for perfect for space saving, export and cost saving. Additionally, they are lighter in weight when compare other type of plastic pallets. Moreover, nestable plastic pallet’s density is low. So, you can decrease freight cost. Our nestable plastic pallet also offer runners feature. This feature improves stackability. Meridian Group offers different options such as higher-grade material, lips and labels.

Which dimension is the most common nestable plastic pallet?

There are two different dimension nestable plastic pallet. The dimensions are 1000 x 1200 mm and 800 x 1200 mm. We can offer closed and open deck model for these dimensions. Most common model is 800 x 1200 mm open deck nestable pallet. This model is lightest plastic pallet. It is also cheapest version pallet. Our customers commonly use this model as a one-way plastic pallet. In order to they use as export pallet.

Meridian Group offer this type of pallets with or without runners. If you need to store nestable pallets in racks, you need to stack their runners. Our nestable pallets runners can be mounted easily. So, there is an option that you can order runners separately. As a result, there is chance to decrease freight cost.

Some of the companies need their logo on the plastic pallet. We can print your logo or name on the pallet’s surface. It has a advantageous to separate pallet from other nestable plastic pallets.

Technical Data

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1200 × 150 mm
Dynamic Capacity

Static Capacity

Racking Capacity

Material Option


Rim Option


Color Option

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