Drawer Cabinets

Meridian Group Drawer Cabinets

Drawer Cabinets can be used in your store environments, shops, small and large enterprises for storage, exhibition and organizing purposes. Due to their robust steel sheet construction, for many years when storing your tools and tools in your business, it provides a suitable environment for storing small spare parts. Drawer heights of our cabinets are between 75mm-200mm and can be adjusted according to your request with 25mm intervals.

The double safety lock system, with drawers with 97% opening, can handle loads up to 80 kg. There are M12 ball joint legs under the cabinet. There is 18 mm chipboard on the upper floors, which provides an elegant appearance and easy operation. 3 mm rubber plate is available on the drawer bases, and plastic separator or 3 × 3 metal separator can be applied with 3 or 4 channel options.