Steel reinforced plastic pallet offers to store heavy goods on rack with safety. Our plastic pallet models provide strong structure. So, this kind of plastic pallets can carry more loads compare with other type of pallets. Moreover, rackable pallets design is similar with stackable plastic pallets. So, you can easily stack pallets onto one another. It provides more freight into one lorry. Especially during shipping, this kind of plastic pallets can maintain maximum stability. It never affects stability when the pallets are stacked with or without products on them.

Steel reinforced plastic pallet has a solid design for loading heavy goods or static storage. Its design is suitable for different shipping options. Companies prefer to stock their goods on racks to use more space area. Rackable pallets have bottom support. In order to, it is the safest way to carry loads on racks. Sometimes pallet users want to place a pallet on top of another loaded pallet. According to its steel rod structure, it provides stability during storage and transport. Large volumes of products must be stored or shipped in warehouse. Many companies are trying to save space and improve safety in warehouse.

Rackable pallets must provide a solid, durable construction. This kind of plastic pallet can accommodate heavy loads without damaging the underlying goods. We design our rackable pallet models for heavy loads. In addition, we design for rack systems.  If necessary, we will even make a custom mold in our toolshop.

Stell Reinforced Pallet Types

We have two kind of dimension for steel reinforced plastic pallet. These dimensions are 800 x 1200 mm and 1000 x 1200 mm. Meridian Group offers different color options. Also, we can print your logo on our plastic pallets. So, it is easiest way to separate your goods from others. So, we can produce our plastic pallets with rim or without borders according to your needs. We can produce our products both with virgin plastic material or recycle plastic material but most of the stackable plastic pallet’s material is recycle plastic.

How many steel rod included in Steel Reinforced Plastic Pallets ?

Meridian Group offers metal reinforced pallets. In order to, pallets reinforced by steel tubes, which increase maximum load. We have three type of reinforced rackable pallets. According your loading needs, we can put between 1 to 3 pieces steel tubes. It assures your loading capacity needs with solid design.

Technical Data

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1200 × 150 mm
Dynamic Capacity

Static Capacity

Racking Capacity

Material Option


Rim Option


Color Option

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