150 Liter Shopping Trolleys With Bottom Stocking Area

150 Liter Basket Volume

Capacity: 150 Liter

Body Color: Standard (Zinc + Transparent Powder)

Material: Wired Metal

Wheels: Double Bearing Wheels

Custom Logo Printed on Handle

Baby Set Standard

Color Option:

150 Liter Wire Supermarket Trolleys With Bottom Stocking Area​

Ergonomics and Comfort
Access your desired ergonomics, durability and comfort with the Meridian Group range of 150 liter metal market trolleys with bottom stocking area. Supermarket trolleys will be the indispensable equipment of your store.

Durable Surface Coating
150 Liter Metal Shopping Trolleys with bottom stocking area are designed for use in different interior and exterior conditions. The coating must be resistant to different heat and ambient conditions. Therefore, our grocery carts are reinforced with an additional transparent powder coating layer after the surface is coated with Zinc. This powder coating layer is fired at a constant temperature of about 200 degrees after being thrown onto the zinc coated surface. It is thinner and more durable than the lacquer layer which is used as standard on the market. 150 Liter Metal Supermarket Trolley with bottom stocking area has a long life time under different ambient conditions. With our Shopping Trolley, you will be able to offer your customers a more hygienic grocery trolley where they can safely transport their food.

150 Liter Market Trolley Series with bottom stocking area
150 Liter Supermarket Trolley with bottom stocking area was produced for companies that do not compromise on quality. The high-capacity metal supermarket cart, with its space saving feature, set out to bring comfort to your store.

Quiet Wheel Privilege
In the researches we see, the store environment is one of the most important details affecting the behavior of customers. One of the most important factors especially shortening the shopping time is an environment that is intertwined with noise. TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) wheels, developed to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for your store, are used as standard in all our market carts. Thanks to a silent shopping environment, both your customers and you will be very satisfied.