Coin Deposit Systems

Coin deposit system for shopping trolleys

Shopping Trolley Coin Lock

For retrofitting existing trolley fleets

Secure provision, also prevents trolleys not being returned

Simple assembly of the row docking stations with instructions

  • Compatible with all circular handle bars
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions
  • Please ask for the desired currency
  • Applied according to desired currency
  • Oxidation resistant chain and key

Shopping Trolley Coin Lock

The Easiest, Best Quality Way to Protect and Keep Your Market Cars!

Thanks to the market-car money lock produced with Meridian Group quality and assurance to protect the safety and order of the grocery carts you use in your business; your grocery carts are now safe and orderly!

Accoring to its quality product structure, the 1 KM coin lock that has been produced for many years, you will no longer have a messy market car in your business!

Customers who have completed their shopping, the market used by the delivery of the car is able to take back the usage fee! As a result of using coin deposit system, your market cars will not be lost and your business will not be broken!

The 1 KM currency lock, which is widely preferred by supermarkets, hypermarkets and construction markets, is often mentioned due to its quality and benefits!

You want to prevent the loss of your market cars in your business as well as you want to keep your groceries in the market, you can opt for the Meridian Group Coin Lock System!