Plastic Shopping Trolleys

100 Liters Plastic Shopping Trolleys

Plastic trolley with different color options and capacities. Enviromental friendly.

150 Liters Plastic Shopping Trolleys

Plastic trolley with different color options and capacities. Enviromental friendly.

Plastic Supermarket Carts

Plastic Shopping Trolley Will Make Your Customers’ Shopping Process Much More Enjoyable!

With the Meridian Group professionalism, it is not difficult to make your customers’ shopping comfortable and practical! Produced with blue, red, yellow, black, green and orange color options. Our plastic süpermarket trolleys have two capacities option with a capacity of 100 liters and 150 liters.

Plastic market trolley enables your customers to easily carry the products they receive, as well as allowing you to easily bring your brand to the forefront with the logo area on the handle. This product, which is suitable for long-term use with its durable structure, is generally preferred in retail sales companies! If you want to facilitate your shopping by offering functional equipment to your customers while they carry their products, this market cart is exactly what you’re looking for!

Market Shopping

Plastic market carts, which take their inspiration from nature, have a production process that has taken all kinds of precautions to protect nature and environment. These processes are implemented in the most respectful way to nature and no toxic substances such as arsenic, cadmium, cyanide and the like are used in any process. Any waste produced in production is disposed of in accordance with industrial standards.

Don’t Compromise Your Corporate Identity

You can also use your corporate colors and logo on your plastic supermarket trolleys. You can use the plastic materials and other accessories on the carts, in accordance with your corporate colors and place your business label or slogan on the market cart. You can get information from our customer service about color and logo printing options.

Wide Accessory Option

You can add many accessories to your Plastic Shopping Trolley according to your needs. Equip your supermarket cars with accessories such as money lock, special seat for babies, promotion / campaign announcement area! With the money locks that work with a mine of 1 KM or 1 Euro each, you can keep your cars in order, you can add a baby seat to your grocery car and the campaign boards that you add to your market car can increase the effect of your customer communication.