Bakery Display Shelving Unit - BS01

Model type: BS01

Cabinet Unit Dimensions: 

Height: 180 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Wide: 100 cm

Shelving Unit Dimensions:

Height: 180 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Wide: 100 cm

Bakery Shelving Systems

Aesthetic, Effective and Hygienic Baker Display Shelving Equipment

Bakery Display Shelving Units are remarkable design and high-quality product structure. Bakery Shelving Unit, which is preferred by prestigious stores, has a quality and long-lasting product structure! With the help of its wooden top tray, enables the display of both decorative and hygienic products, so your customers’ attention will be on your products!

Bread, pita bread, cookies, pastry etc. middle section, which enables product display with or without packaging, serves for your business for many years thanks to its quality product structure!

Bakery Shelving Units, which are preferred by many companies such as supermarket, hypermarket, bakery and pastry shop, are an effective sales support equipment for the bakery products. If you want to exhibit the bakery product display in your company in an effective and elegant way, you can use Meridian Group’s bakery display units for your preference!

Bakery Stand, produced with Meridian Group quality and assurance, exposes the most stylish and hygienic way of packaged or unpackaged foods from the moment it is used thanks to its quality product structure and decorative design! Bakery Shelving Systems can be manufactured from plywood wooden shelf. Cakes, pretzels, bread, cookies, pita etc.

The bakery product stand, which can display many bakery products has been designed with precision according to the food display and it is produced by considering human health! If you need both an environmentally friendly and decorative bakery product display, you can use Meridian Group Bakery Shelving Systems!

Depending on your store design style, bakery section can be made in complete wooden fixtures or combination of wood and steel. In addition to directly using shelves for display, Instor racks also have an option to add cane baskets and crates to stock products.

  • Available in a wood, acrylic and steel
  • Easy to adjust and switch layouts
  • Accessories for pre-packaged baked products display