Eco - L Type Checkout Counter Without Belt

Order Code & Length options:

400400100125 – Length: 125 cm
400400100160 – Length: 160 cm
400400100180 – Length: 180 cm
400400100210 – Length: 210 cm
400400100240 – Length: 240 cm
400400100270 – Length: 270 cm

Model Type: Eco


Collection Pool Wide: 95 cm
Collection Pool Length: 60 cm 
Total Height: 85 cm    
Total Wide: 100 cm
Total Length Options: 125/160/180/210/240/270 cm

* Left or Right Side Option

Color Options:

RAL 9016 – White

RAL 9001 – Cream

RAL 3020 – Red

RAL 2004 – Orange

RAL 5002 – Dark Blue

RAL 1023 – Yellow

RAL 7016 – Anthracite Grey

RAL 7001 – Silver Grey

RAL 9005 – Black

RAL 5018 – Turquoise blue

RAL 6018 – Green

Optional Accessories

Cash drawer

Side barrier


Plexi glass protector




Checkout Stand

Eco - L Type Checkout Cash Desk Without Belt

Ergonomic Supermarket Checkout Counters

Due to crowded area, the checkout area is regarded as a high-performance area. From a focus point of view, this area also has a lot to offer and places high demands on the design. As the checkout is often the customer’s only contact with the store staff, it can make a particularly positive contribution to the shopping experience. Meridian Group’s supermarket checkouts have a modular structure. This provides a high level of flexibility and easily installation. Meridian Group retail checkouts increase the efficiency of your employees and, at the same time, you can get positive feedback from your customer.

Checkout cash desk offers ergonomic

Your checkout cash desk staff will be happy and feel at home in the ergonomically designed workplace. According to these reasons, it helps to increase your staff performance. Whether seated or standing – all operating and control elements such as the scanner and scale units are within easy reach, integrated in a process-friendly way and easy to operate.