Fruit & Vegetable Display Unit - FVU01

Model type: FVU01

Total Dimensions: 

Height: 164 cm
Depth: 120 cm
Wide: 120 cm

Base Shelf Dimensions:

Depth: 60 cm
Wide: 120 cm

Shelf Dimensions:

Depth: 40 cm
Wide: 120 cm


Fruit and Vegetable Shelves

High Quality Design Of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display Shelving Systems

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be exhibited to your customers in the most effective way by Meridian Group’s fruit and vegetables display shelving units. Based on your store size and requirements, we offer you a wide range of configurations and designs for display of vegetables and fruits.

For metal parts of shelving units; With its galvanized bottom base plate, it eliminates the possibility of deformation due to moisture in your grocery stores and provides an effective fruit and vegetable display area for your business.

The Optimal Alternative to Your Fruit and Vegetable Shelving Units

With its stores, grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as many other businesses, Meridian Group offers you the most suitable measurement alternative for your grocery stores such as all other store equipment.

Make a Difference with your Stainless Steel and Ergonomic Design

Thanks to its stainless shield, your product will accompany in your store for many years like its first day.

Fresh fruit and vegetable department designed to enable your customers to shop effectively from your grocery stores; The display of your products can be displayed in a stylish way, while at the same time providing convenience to your customers with their ergonomic structure.

Stylish Wood Design of Vegetable and Fruit Display Shelving Systems

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display Shelving Units are produced with Meridian Group quality and assurance. Thanks to its robust structure, large volume pool and wooden front and side panels, it becomes a center of interest for customers as a highly effective display equipment.

Modular units are available in both wall and gondola options that allow you to display gamut of vegetables and fruits. Materials we use are food-grade and safe for direct contact with vegetables and fruits and have high resistance to corrosion.

Our vegetables & fruits fixtures are available in a combination of wooden and metal designs that retains freshness and ensures high quality.

  • Wall and gondola options
  • F&V Heaper
  • Available in metal and wood
  • Available in various sizes and bay widths
  • Wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Weighing scale counters