Wire Gondola Shelving Unit Systems

Model type: Wire gondola shelving unit


Height options:
140 cm / 162 cm / 182 cm / 225 cm 

Shelves depth options:
30 cm / 40 cm / 50 cm

Base shelf depth options:
30 cm / 40 cm / 50 cm

Shelves length options:
66,5 cm / 100 cm

Color options:

RAL 9016 – White

RAL 9001 – Cream

RAL 3020 – Red

RAL 2004 – Orange

RAL 5002 – Dark blue

RAL 1023 – Yellow

RAL 7016 – Anthracite grey

RAL 7001 – Silver grey

RAL 9005 – Black

RAL 5018 – Turquoise blue

RAL 6018 – Green

Optional Accessories

Wall Unit Hat Set

Triangle Plexi Glass Hat Set

Triangle Head of Shelving System

Triangle Hat Set


Rounded Angular Hat Set

Wall Unit Plexi Glass Hat Set

Formed Back Panel


Perforated Back Panel

wired back panel

Wired Back Panel

Glass Shelf

C Type Glass Shelf

Magazine Shelf


Wire Basket

Glass Basket

Wire Separator

Wire Gondola Shelving Systems

Meridian Group’s Wire Gondola Unit Shelving Systems: Adding better shopping experience to your store.

Whether for a supermarket, hypermarket, specialist market, drugstore or any shopping store – Meridian Group offers high quality shelving systems. We guarantee that we provide an effective display solution for every kind of product range. Versatile, easy-to-fit components provide freedom and flexibility for visual merchandising of various product.

Addordable price of wire gondola shelving unit systems

Our shelving systems combines top quality with an especially affordable price. Meridian Group gondola shelving system units are subject to strict quality and production requirements when it comes to the material standards.

Wire gondola shelving unit is a sytlish and effective way of displaying products

The Meridian Group metal gondola unit is one of the store display systems that allows you to display your products in a stylish and effective way. This shelving wall unit, which makes it possible to display a large number of products, is a equipment that you can use with a long time because of its durable structure. If you are looking for a durable and effective display solution for your products, check out Meridian Group’s shelving systems.

High load bearing capacity of wire gondola shelves

Our wide range of shelves for grocery items are fully customized to give your supermarket a distinctive look. With highest load bearing capacity and European design standards, our display shelves help you use the wall and floor space effectively, which result in higher profits per square meter. Available in various configurations, sizes and colors; we have specific supermarket shelving units and fixtures to display every item in your store. Our flexible display shelving unit systems are easy to adjust and can be moved around to accommodate new layouts, products and in-store customer behaviors.

  • Widest range of supermarket shelving units
  • Highest load bearing capacity
  • Various configurations in custom sizes
  • Best utilization of floor and wall space
  • High durability and anti-corrosive
  • Easy to adjust and modify layouts
  • Available in various colors