Stanley Platform Truck 200kg

Model no: MS573

Wheel diameter: 76 mm
Wheel material: Rubber
Maximum load capacity: 200 kg
Dimension: 60 x 45 x 12 cm
Plate size: 60 x 45 cm
Material: 17 mm Plywood

Platform Truck With 200kg Capacity Features and Benefits

• With 200Kg carrying capacity, the four-wheel carrier is perfect for carrying large loads and heavy goods easily.
• It provides comfortable use on all surfaces with 4 heavy-duty 76mm diameter wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.
• It provides balanced loading without tipping during loading thanks to wide range of wheels.
• It provides comfortable and easy use for carrying furniture, heavy boxes, crates and all other heavy or large items.
• It is made of special and durable and durable Plywood material and provides long-term use indoors and outdoors.
• Comfortable and easy to carry thanks to the handle.
• The non-slip table surface allows you to carry all your heavy and large loads safely and easily without slipping with its solid structure.
• PVC, carpet or tile, concrete, parquet etc. It is suitable for use on all flat or uneven floors.
• It protects your back and allows you to carry especially heavy, bulky objects comfortably without requiring much power.
• Special PVC-coated edges protect walls or sensitive surfaces against scratches in friction.
• You can easily and quickly carry materials of weight or size that you normally cannot carry on your back or hand by simply pushing them on the load carrier.
• Home, Office, Warehouse, Shopping Centers, Fairgrounds, Factories, Workshops, Hospitals, Hotels, Furnishers, Transporters etc. provides easy and comfortable use in many areas.