Racer Supermarket Trolley with Kid's Car

100 Liter Basket Volume

Capacity: 1oo Liter

Material: Plastic car and metal basket

 96 cm            
Wide: 58 cm
Lenght: 140 cm


Racer Shopping Trolley with Kid's Car

Shopping in Market Shopping Kid Car is much more colorful now!

Shopping for customers with children in the supermarket trolley with kid’s car is much more enjoyable!

With Meridian Group quality and assurance, shopping trolley with kid’s car are designed for many years of use!

With the 100-liter basket volume produced from zinc plating, your customers will enjoy their shopping in an enjoyable way, while the children will no longer be bored with the ergonomically designed toys!

The ergonomic, aesthetic and quality product structure of the market carts with kid’s car also have silent wheels! While your customers are shopping in your company, you will not see any wheel sounds on the shelves!

Meridian Group, which tries to reflect the quality of your customers for your customers, integrates with your corporate culture!

If you are looking for a children’s grocery car that will reflect your corporate culture with a quality product structure for your customers with children who come to your business, you can choose Meridian Group funny children’s market cars!