Transport Trolley TTB05

Model No: TTB05

Maximum Loading Capacity: 450 Kg

95 cm            
Wide: 72 cm
Lenght: 140 cm

Cargo Trolley TTB05

Suitable for Construction Market 

Construction markets are separated from other markets in terms of product types. The Transport Trolley, which is suitable for use in construction markets with products of different sizes, offers customers an easy and comfortable experience. Thanks to its movable and collapsible basket structure, products of different sizes can be transported in a single trolley.  

Long Life Reinforced Surface Coating

 The Cargo Trolley has the highest quality surface finish ever developed, guaranteeing a long service life under all weather and ambient conditions. The Transport Trolley, a load-carrying trolley that stands out from the competition in terms of durability, was manufactured with zinc plating instead of galvanized. The Cargo Trolley, which has a transparent powder paint protection shield attached to the zinc, has also been subjected to a 200 degree constant temperature firing process and its durability has been further increased. Thanks to the new generation layer, better results were obtained from the lacquer layer in terms of durability and appearance. 

Ultra Silent Wheels (125 mm) 

One of the first conditions for creating a user-friendly air in store environments is to create a quiet space. In store silence, the grocery carts and the wheels they have play an important role. Considering these factors, Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels keep the store environment away from disturbing wheel sounds. Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels are used as standard for all transport trolleys.